Four steps toward a better future.
Fill in the blanks.

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1. Step One – Compare Payouts and Expenses

LaSalle St. Securities Current B/D Other B/D
Succession Planning Yes Y/N Y/N
Average Total Overall Payout 90% % %
Mutual Fund 90% % %
Annuities 90% % %
Stocks 90% % %
Bonds 90% % %
Insurance-Life, Health, Indexed Annuities 100% % %
Does payout get reduced based on lack of production? NO Y/N Y/N
FINRA renewal & FINRA personnel assessment $180/yr $ $
Continuing Education $100/yr $ $
State registration fees Varies $ $
Bonding Fees $165/yr $ $
E/O Insurance $1500 yr $ $
Is E/O Insurance optional? YES Y/N Y/N
Does your broker Dealer mark up E/O Ins for a profit? NO Y/N Y/N
Streetscape Basic or Streetscape Select? $ 45/$120/month $ $
Investigo Package – Optional 120/month $ $
Separate Stand Alone Branch Fee $95/yr $ $
Affiliation/Technology Fee $0 $ $
FSI Membership Required? NO Y/N Y/N
Direct Costs/Ticket Charges
Equities, Options, Corporate Bonds $18 $ $
Government & Municipal Bonds $30 $ $
Principal Transactions $7 $ $
International Equities $75 $ $
CD’s/UIT’s/Zero Coupon Bonds $30 $ $
Limited Partnerships $35 $ $
Precious Metals $40 $ $
Mutual Funds (purchases, liquidations and exchanges) $18 $ $
Execution & Exchange Fees
Listed Equities $0.015/share
Options $1.50/contract
Listed Bonds .75/Bond

2. Step Two – Compare Structure

LaSalle St. Securities Current B/D Other B/D
Allow you to own your own book YES Y/N Y/N
Operate under your own DBA or B/D’s YES Y/N Y/N
Product offerings limited in anyway NO Y/N Y/N
Are there any proprietary product requirements? NO Y/N Y/N
Allow for Outside Business Activities?* YES Y/N Y/N
Allow Social Media? YES Y/N Y/N
Possess solid financial history and balance sheet without losses? YES Y/N Y/N
Supported by a nationally recognized branded firm? YES Y/N Y/N
What is the retention ratio of the B/D’s brokers? 98% % %
How long has the B/D been in operation? 40 Years
Is staff compensation linked to broker satisfaction? YES Y/N Y/N
What is the average tenure of staff personnel? 16 Years
Allow for direct access to top ownership, management, department heads? YES Y/N Y/N
Allow broker input on customer service issues? YES Y/N Y/N
Financial Support
Transition funding YES Y/N Y/N
Forgivable loan assistance YES Y/N Y/N
ACAT and transfer fee support YES Y/N Y/N
Technology tutorials and training support YES Y/N Y/N
Branch recruiting and development assistance YES Y/N Y/N
Allow you to gain access to load and no load mutual funds? YES Y/N Y/N
Access to REITs, private placements, UIT’s, CD’s, Municipal Bonds YES Y/N Y/N
Offer direct access to fixed income department? YES Y/N Y/N
Insurance, Fixed, Fixed Index, Variable Annuities YES Y/N Y/N
Brokerage services, checking accounts, IRA, Trust Accounts, 401(k)s YES Y/N Y/N
Investment Advisor
Allow for both RIA and Series 7 business? YES Y/N Y/N
Allow for both outside or internal RIA platforms?** YES Y/N Y/N
Payment for direct consulting services? YES Y/N Y/N
Electronic order entry and document support YES Y/N Y/N
Ability for client to access accounts online YES Y/N Y/N
Access to all client info at any location YES Y/N Y/N
Supported by robust platform of National Firm YES Y/N Y/N
Access to all commission, trade info online YES Y/N Y/N
Which firm do you clear through? NFS-Fidelity
Can you market your own brand? YES Y/N Y/N
In-house tutorials and marketing tools? YES Y/N Y/N
Access to variety of CRM systems for client/prospect management YES Y/N Y/N
Branch development and recruiting support YES Y/N Y/N
Provide transition funding, FINRA, ACAT, and Licensing costs YES Y/N Y/N
Dedicated transition team YES Y/N Y/N
Step-by-step dated transition timeline for transition process? YES Y/N Y/N
Efficient account transfer from previous B/D YES Y/N Y/N
Facilitate all licenses for transfer YES Y/N Y/N
Support material announcing your transition YES Y/N Y/N
Full tutorial on all technology YES Y/N Y/N
Support for all data access and brokerage account management YES Y/N Y/N
Coordination of staff with department heads and operations YES Y/N Y/N

3. Step Three – Do The Math on this Worksheet

LaSalle St. Example Current B/D Other B/D
Estimate Your Yearly Earnings
Assets Under Management $45,000,000 $ $
Gross Commission $450,000 $ $
Payout % 90% % %
Total Payout to you $405,000 $ $
Office Space $15,000 $ $
Staff Support $35,000 $ $
Technology Cost $540 to $1,440 $ $
Optional Tecnology or Research expense Varies $ $
Marketing Expense $5,000 $ $
FINRA Fees, Continuing Education & Branch Fees $600 $ $
State Fees Varies $ $
E/O Insurance Under $1,250 $ $
Health Insurance Costs $12,000 $ $
Other $ $ $
Total Expenses $70,290 $ $
Total Taxable Income $334,710 $ $

4. Step Four – Decide. Which Broker/Dealer is Better?

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