Will I be able to provide my clients with the best products and services?

At LaSalle St. Securities, LLC you will have access to an extensive array of financial products and services including all asset class, mutual funds, annuities, ETF’s, managed accounts, and more. Clearing through National Financial (A Fidelity Company) you no longer will experience the type of product limitations and proprietor offerings that exist in the traditional wirehouse model. Independence means just that, “the freedom to choose what products and services best fit your client’s needs.”

When I change firms, will my clients transfer with me?

Our brokers who choose independence with LaSalle St. are retaining on average over 80% of their client base. As an added value in the transfer, the broker gets the opportunity to choose the select clients that he feels best meet his business goals. Statistically the 80% retention is more a result of the Broker’s selection process than the client’s unwillingness to change firms. Client/Broker relationships have never been stronger; clients want people whom they know and trust now more than ever over a “brand name”.

Can I afford to cover the expenses associated with my business?

Expenses are a reality of independence but that’s why you receive a payout upwards of a 90% compared to 40%. LaSalle St. Securities, LLC offers an aggressive customized transition package to all prospective representatives which specifically addresses the areas in most need: upfront transition assistance; office support; acat fee impact, etc. The true advantage of being in control of your own expenses is that as your business grows, you’re the one who benefits exponentially from the higher gross because you control the costs.

Will not being associated with a big name hurt me?

Gone are the days when big names made a difference. Clients are looking for objectivity, independence from proprietor products and autonomy in providing advice. LaSalle St. Securities’ relationship with National Financial (A Fidelity Company) provides the type of institutional backbone necessary to service any client’s need. Big names mean big control. Independence provides for an open platform in serving your clients needs.

Will I have enough support from my broker dealer?

LaSalle St. Securities has a proven track record of supporting its reps, which has resulted in over 98% broker retention rate for its advisors. That doesn’t happen without service. Our staff-to-rep ratio is also one of the strongest in the industry. Our service team’s annual compensation is also directly linked to broker satisfaction through the use of our quarterly survey to maximize performance.