New Accounts establishes new brokerage accounts and initiates the transfer of brokerage assets in and out of LSS. This department also provides assistance to representatives and their staff regarding brokerage-related questions.

Trading/Customer Service executes equity, mutual fund, options and fixed income transactions in a timely manner for clients and registered representatives. Additionally this department responds to questions regarding trades, securities and administrative procedures.


Commissions Processing accurately and efficiently enters commission data into the back office systems to process the payment of commissions to registered representatives.

Commissions Support Services provides customer service and support to representatives, and fund or insurance companies that contact the department with questions relating to commission payments.


Advertising Review is responsible for analyzing and approving advertising, sales literature, and correspondence to ensure industry and firm policies are met, and that state, FINRA and SEC requirements concerning communications between representatives and the public are upheld.

Auditing is responsible for planning and conducting annual office examinations, as well as documenting and following up on their findings to ensure LSS and its registered representatives are in compliance with the applicable policies and regulations.

Compliance Support Services is responsible for providing administrative support to various areas within the Compliance Team and completing projects as needed.

Registration maintains the securities registrations for registered representatives and their administrative staff in addition to registrations for home office personnel.

Sales Supervision verifies suitability of all new and ongoing direct business activities. Additionally this department is responsible for communicating and following up on any potential issues discovered.

Surveillance is responsible for internal exception report review to ensure producing representatives are complying with firm and regulatory policies and procedures.


Advisory Services assists registered representatives with converting their practices from commissions to fees, provides support for the Advisor Solutions platform, and administers relationships with third party asset managers.

Advisory Compliance is responsible for processing new advisory accounts, ensuring transmittal forms are complete, and auditing annual client ADV changes for accuracy. Additionally, this department reviews asset management agreements and approves the fee components of client/advisor relationships.


Branch Development works hand-in-hand with new and existing registered representatives to streamline their daily business processes and maintain compliance with LSS’s firm policies, as well as state, FINRA, and SEC regulations.

Marketing and Communications develops, executes and measures the success of the financial firm’s marketing plan. Additionally this department plans and implements conferences offered to LSS representatives and their administrative staff.

Recruiting converts prospects into affiliates on behalf of the LSS brokerage firm by developing mutually beneficial long-term business partnerships with highly successful registered representatives.

Transition assists new representatives with the process of moving their businesses from their previous broker/dealers to LSS Investments. This department also ensures new representatives are familiar with the overall procedures for doing business with the firm.


Administration is responsible for managing the daily operations of the home office including reception, mail processing, and supply management.

Client Development ensures all client data is entered into the back office system accurately. Additionally this department is responsible for imaging and storing all documents related to client accounts.

Facilities is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the office building. Additionally this department is responsible for maintaining contracts with service providers and the inventories of off-site storage facilities.

Human Resources recruits, hires, and helps retain home office employees. This department also plans and implements employee enrichment programs in addition to enforcing company policies and distributing employee benefits.


Electronic Order Entry Support is responsible for training LSS affiliates on the Electronic Order Entry (EOE) platform and providing technical support to existing users. This department identifies maintenance items and opportunities for enhancement in addition to testing and accepting system changes.

Information Technology is responsible for installing and maintaining the company’s technology resources, including servers, computers, printers, hardware, software and operating systems in addition to providing technology support to representatives.

Product Maintenance classifies and enters products into the database to ensure the quick and easy retrieval of product data. It is this department’s responsibility to research and add products not currently in the system and update information due to mergers, name changes, etc.

Strategic Initiatives acts as a liaison between end users and technology developers. This department is responsible for communicating the needs of end users to create the documentation necessary to construct and implement working systems and solutions.