LaSalle St. Investment Advisors, LLC

Managed Account Programs continue to be one of the fastest growing investment areas. Clients and the advisors have begun to recognize the many advantages of fee-based compensation programs over commission driven transactions.

While Reps have been attracted to the idea of fee-based business, they have not been interested in turning over their client’s discretion to an outside manager. LaSalle created the LaSalle Asset Management Program (LAMP) product to specifically address this key concern.

LAMP is a fee-based program that leaves you and your client in control. It offers you the opportunity to continue to work with clients in the same manner many of you are quite accustomed to:

  • Solicited or unsolicited trades
  • No discretionary authority – the client remains in control
  • Purchase in a brokerage account a wide variety of securities-stocks, bonds, options, no load and load-waived mutual funds.

LAMP is simply a different way to charge customers, using an ongoing asset-based fee instead of charging commissions. It does not employ outside money managers.