Here Yesterday. Here Tomorrow.

1974 – LaSalle St. Securities Incorporated

1980 – President Jack McDermott becomes owner of LaSalle St. Securities

1991 – LaSalle St. expands to include financial institutions, insurance companies, other broker dealers, RIA’s and registered reps from throughout the country

Today – Growing strong. With offices throughout the US and over $8 billion in customer assets our family of independent broker dealers has expanded to over 300.

LaSalle St. has been able to expand and leverage opportunities and product offerings with clearing and custody agent, National Financial Services. As a Fidelity-owned organization they bring a strong financial security which customers are looking for–especially in today’s environment.

With a bootstrap mentality, many of our core beliefs as a firm resulted from adapting to challenges:

  • We dislike debt. We have none.
  • We are fiscally responsible. Never an unprofitable quarter.
  • We dislike having to report to anyone but the regulators. No outside shareholders or lenders.
As a result, we have the luxury of being able to do the right things for the right reasons, such as:
  • Paying out a meaningful percentage of our real profits to our employees
  • Investing in long term projects that make sense for the firm over time
  • Owning the building which houses the firm
We understand what it takes to build your business. Now is the right time to join LaSalle St. and become part of our success story.